16 Jun, 2020

Dr Sofia Forslund trained as a molecular biotechnologist in Uppsala, and in 2011 acquired a PhD in computational biology in Stockholm. After her post-doctoral research at the EMBL, she founded in 2018 the Host-Microbiome Systems Medicine of Cardiometabolic Disease group (Forslund Lab) at the ECRC (joint collaboration between the Max Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicine/Charité venture) in Berlin, Germany. Her group is focusing on understanding the relations between the human host and the microbiome and how these can contribute to the development of disease, such as cardiovascular and metabolic diseases. Important results that were obtained by her group on this field include the analysis of effects of antibiotic exposure at the population and individual levels, including reporting evidence of a role of antibiotics in food production driving resistance of bacteria in the human gut. Furthermore, they have contributed in linking the microbiome to type 2 diabetes, insulin resistance and hypertension, and are further assessing the role of diet or medication in affecting this system with the goal of developing personalized medicine and nutrition platforms for complex diseases of the host. For their analyses, they are using high-dimensional multi-omics data, including metadata on disease development, nutrition and lifestyle, by developing and benchmarking at the same time “covariate-aware” analysis tools for big data integration. 


Her keynote talk at the ESCS 2020 will be about “Confounder-aware systems in medical approaches”.