Round Table: Mental Health in Academia



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We are excited to host, as part of the ESCS 2020, a round table on Mental health in Academia and create an open discussion with our young audience for a topic that, undoubtedly, gains increasing importance for students and early-career researchers inside academia. 


How has the COVID-19 pandemic affected your work and mental health? How can we tackle the challenges of anxiety and depression when working in academia? How open are we to discuss those matters with our colleagues and supervisors? What role should our supervisors and institutes play? How can we find support system(s) to discuss mental health issues? 


The panel will consist of our keynote speakers dr. Patrick Aloy and dr. Sofia Forslund, as well as a number of students and early-career researchers. 



Are you a student or early-career researcher and want to participate as a member of our round table and share your experiences? Send us an email at!